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Sleeve Tattoo Designs for Women

Sleeve tattoos are usually not meant for girls, but their trendy designs have lately made them popular among ladies also. Read on to know more about sleeve tattoo designs for women…
Tattooing is a body art of carving your favorite designs, permanently on your body. Some people opt for tattoos to symbolize their characteristics or personality, with the help of tattoo meanings, while some get them as mere fashion statement. Whatever may be the reason for getting a tattoo, they look awesome on human body, when carved in an artistic manner. When you want to get a tattoo, along with the tattoo design, you also need to select a perfect body part for it. A sleeve tattoo is a tattoo design, that has become popular recently. These tattoos are drawn on different parts of the arms to give a sleeve like look. Before moving on to sleeve tattoo designs for women, let us first scroll through a brief information on sleeve tattoos.
Sleeve Tattoos
There are number of tattoo design ideas that you can think of, when you want to get a sleeve tattoo. A sleeve tattoo can be a full sleeve tattoo, that extends from the shoulder joint to the wrist, or it can be a half sleeve tattoo, that wraps your arm from upper arm to your elbows. Quarter sleeve tattoo is the one, that starts from the elbow and ends near the wrist. Arms provide a very flexible canvas for tattoos, hence, sleeve tattoos can be designed in various manners. Many people opt for a sleeve tattoo that encircles their complete arm, while some opt for a tattoo over the upper sides of the arm.
Sleeve Tattoos for Women
Sleeve tattoos were previously popular only among men, since, many of these tattoos have bold and aggressive characteristics. But sleeve tattoos are very striking, and hence, these days many girls are choosing these tattoos, to be a center of attention. Sleeve tattoo designs used for women are different from those used for men. These tattoos have intricate designs with less aggressive features. Plenty of feminine tattoos designs can be used for a woman’s sleeve tattoo. Angel tattoos, butterfly tattoos, nautical star tattoos, flower tattoos, etc are some of the designs, that can be used for making a sleeve tattoo. Given below are some ideas for sleeve tattoos for women.
Flower Tattoo Designs: Flowers have always been associated with femininity and hence, they make some of the beautiful sleeve tattoos for girls. These floral tattoos provide wide scope of experimenting with various designs and colors. Flower tattoos along with butterfly tattoo or vines wrapping the arm, make some of the elegant full sleeve feminine tattoo designs.
Star Tattoo Designs: Nautical star tattoos with their great symbolism are also a good option for sleeve tattoo. Since, there are not too many variations available in the design, it can be used as a quarter sleeve tattoo design for women. Group of shooting stars or just a single shooting star tattoo also looks stunning.
Japanese Tattoo Designs: Japanese tattoos with deep meanings associated with them, make some of the best sleeve tattoos. There are number of options when it comes to Japanese tattoos. If you want to go for a Japanese sleeve tattoo, then you can decide from a list of designs like, a Japanese dragon tattoo, a beautiful cherry blossom tattoo, Koi fish tattoo, Hannya masks, etc.
Celtic Tattoo Designs: Celtic tattoos make some of the good half-sleeve tattoos. These tattoos have spiritual meanings related to Christianity. Celtic knots, crosses, butterfly, etc., are some of the Celtic design tattoos, that can be turned into nice sleeve tattoos. Since, Celtic tattoos provide a wide scope for intricate designs, they look beautiful on women.
These were some suggestions for selecting sleeve tattoo designs for women. Sleeve tattoos are some of the versatile tattoos, with great scope of experimenting with various designs and colors. So, choose the one that is your most favorite and make sure you approach an expert tattoo maker for your sleeve tattoo.
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