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Sea Turtle Tattoos

Sea turtle tattoos are probably one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world. It can be due to the fact that there are many variations in the designs which you can choose from. Read on to know more about the symbolic importance, and a few design ideas of these tattoos.
Turtle In Blue
Tattoos are seen as an expression of freedom, personality, and individuality. Sea turtle tattoos are popular amongst most cultures in the world.
Tattoo sketch of tortoise
The designs like Ninja turtles, good luck turtles, Hawaiian sea turtles, etc. are very popular among sailors. It is believed that they get themselves inked with these sea turtle designs only after they cross the equator for the first time.
Symbolic Significance
Sea turtle motifs are very popular among tattoo aficionados as they have long been seen as an emblem for wisdom and self-preservation. In the Greek culture, the sea turtle is seen as a symbol for ‘woman’. So, such foot tattoos are popular among women folk. Also, it is seen as a symbol of long life.
Sea Turtle
People who are into spirituality look at these creatures as navigators as they can find their way through the ‘murky waters’ of life. Western cultures look at the turtles as symbols of patience and wisdom.
Since these animals are slow, yet very steady, they are looked upon as symbols of perseverance as well. Since they lay a very large number of eggs at a time, they are also said to be symbols of fertility. The shell of the turtle is hard and it symbolizes protection and strength.
The turtles are well able to escape the world into the comfort of its shell and people who identify well with this attribute get themselves inked with the image of a sea turtle.
The fact that turtles spend a majority of their lives under water and only come to the surface for a quick burst of air, appeals to many people as it tends to symbolize not only a certain amount of safety but also adds a touch of mystery to the being itself.
Design Ideas
These tattoos are aesthetically fascinating. Many choose to have the images tattooed upon them in a simple manner. One of the common designs is to show a turtle swimming in a gush of water or, maybe, floating above the ocean floor.
If you want to make your design more colorful, you can show a green sea turtle surrounded by coral and rocks, all in varying shades of blue which will give it an appearance of being illuminated under deep, dark waters.
You can choose to show intricate details on the shell of the sea turtle. With this design, you may show the sea turtle as a whole or depict it only with its shell. Another example is to create an oval over a large area of the body, which has small tiles in shades of green, brown, or even yellow.
If you like bolder colors, then you can also add metallic shades. A mosaic design can also be created which shows other symbols such as stars, the sun, or even an open blossom of a flower. If you are a sailor or want to create a nautical theme, then an image of a compass rose onto the shell of the sea turtle makes for a wonderful design.
Sea Turtle Tattoo
If you like Hawaiian or tribal tattoos, then there is variety of images with unusual depictions of sea turtles. Both are similar as they are done in black and shows realistic outline of the turtle.
Hawaiian Pattern Design
They also have intricate patterns made on the shell which cuts into the otherwise monotonous image.
The other beautiful thing about these designs is that you can also create your own tattoo. The other alternative is to have the artist design a different tattoo motif. The appeal of this design lies in the fact that other designs can be well incorporated with it.

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