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Nautical Star Tattoos on the Arm

So, you are planning to get a brand new nautical star tattoo on your arm, then you are reading the right article, as it shares some useful insights on nautical star tattoos on arm. Keep reading…
Nautical start tattoo is one of the unisex tattoos which both men and women can adorn without worrying about the gender issues that generally surround tattoos. As butterfly tattoos are for women, and skull tattoos are for men, f course, with few exceptions. But nautical star tattoos can be flaunted by everyone without any social prejudices attached. Apart from this, this tattoo design has been a part of various ancient cultures bearing deep meaning. If you are keen on getting some more insights on the meaning of the nautical star, before getting it inked on your arms, then read further.
Nautical Star Tattoo Meaning
It is one of the few tattoos which existed for centuries and has its origin in history. A star may signify many things to you; it could be an expression of freedom, aims, goals, ambition, sparkle, twinkle, flamboyance, intelligence, or even knowledge. But, nautical star tattoo was one of the crucial symbol which was considered to have a deep meaning. The origin of this tattoo dates back to the olden days when sailors navigated the high seas using nautical star position. It helped them to choose the right direction, and made their sea and ocean endeavors successful. Since nautical star was a great help for them, they started inking them on their bodies as a sign of gratitude to the guiding star. Since then, many other people like soldiers, who used stars for navigation started sporting nautical stars on their body parts, such as, arms, back, shoulder blade, etc.
Later, nautical star tattoos gained popularity in various other communities to whom the star signified something very different for different reasons. For example, musicians, especially the followers of punk rock associated the nautical star with music because the then famous musician Sailor Jerry sported various tattoos including the nautical star tattoos. And, in order to show solidarity to their idol, many punk followers started sporting nautical tattoos. During the 1940s and 1950s, the tattoo was somehow linked to gay and lesbian groups, and many homosexuals started wearing it, which some people believed, was one of the ways derived to identify fellow homosexuals. Well, but over the years, the meaning of nautical star tattoo has undergone several changes and still there is a lot of controversy associated with its true real meaning.
Nautical Star Tattoo Ideas
Well, there are many variations that you can try when it comes to these tattoos on the arm. You may not be able to change the shape of the star, that is the five pointed star with each point getting split into two equal halves, as it can change the meaning significantly, but you can do a lot of things when it comes to patterns, sizes, and colors of nautical star tattoos. Earlier, people used to color the star using two colors for every alternate half. The colors used were mostly black and white or red and white combination but, now, you can choose from wide range of colors to make the tattoo more attractive and unique.
You can also experiment with the number of nautical stars that can be inked on various areas of your hands. For example, few shooting stars on lower arm including fingers can look striking whereas, single nautical star looks great on the wrist as well as on the upper arm. Instead of getting only a nautical star, you can team it up with other tattoo designs, such as, tribal designs, etc. Coupling a nautical star tattoo on the arm with a name or phrase inked on the arms is also a good way of showcasing your attitude. Wear them any way, they do make a powerful statement that can never go unnoticed.
Well, these were just a few of the ideas but you can consult a professional tattoo artist and ask for more. You can also design your own tattoo using your creativity and insights, and get one of the most outstanding ones on your arm.
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