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Kokopelli Tattoos; Native American Symbol Tattoo

Kokopelli TattooTattoo is an indicator of your creativity. The more interesting your tattoo is the more you will get attention. Fortunately today there are so many ways to have unique tattoo and you will have all the chances to have a unique tattoo.

Native American Symbol Tattoo

One of the funny yet very interesting and creative symbols found today is Kokopelli or Kokopilau tattoo. Never heard of him? Kokopelli is a fertility god that is pictured with hunchbacked flute. The god was found in the mythology of Native American tribes. Today descendants of the tribes choose Kokopelli tattoo to show their identity to ancient American tribes.

The legends about Kokopelli describe him as the god of fertility as well as being a trickster and mischievous. There is a theory that the image of Kokopelli comes from Aztecs where Kokopelli was a trader.

It is believed that Kokopelli played his flute and his music could bring spring breeze and warmth. He used to travel from village to village melting snow and bringing spring. The villagers would sing and dance with Kokopelli and the next day every maiden would be carrying a child.

Traditional Kokopelli tattoo was often combined with other details like sun and mountains, ram, tribal patterns, birds and music notes. You can also create a whole composition putting together several glyphs. You have several ways to get tribal Kokopelli tattoo. It can be black lined monochrome tattoo or colorful Kokopelli style with multi-color tribal patterns.

The symbol tattoo is ideal to be inked in small size. It will look amazing on wrist, arm and foot. Monochrome tattoo can also be placed on back and can be easily hidden under clothing.

Black Kokopelli Tattoo

Kokopelli Tattoo on foot

Kokopelli Tattoo on arm

Dotwork Kokopelli Tattoo on wrist

Kokopelli Tattoo on neck

Kokopelli Tattoo on foot

Kokopelli Tattoo on foot

Kokopelli Tattoo on wrist

Kokopelli Tattoo on shoulder

Kokopelli Tattoo on foot

Colourful Kokopelli Tattoo on shoulder

Kokopelli Tattoo for women

Kokopelli Tattoo design

Kokopelli Tattoo on back

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