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Koi Fish Tattoos and Their Intense Meanings Will Surprise You

Koi fish tattoos are exciting for anyone who is interested in mythology and symbolism. It will help you in knowing why some people prefer these tattoos.
Koi fish tattoos symbolize the will to struggle on and on to challenge the obstacles in the path of success. These tattoos are suited for the pioneering individuals who stop at nothing but success. Determined to practice what they believe in, these individuals are courageous enough to brave the unknown and its perils.
Love, hate, courage, etc., are the names of our emotions which are abstract. We cannot realize them as physical entities, so that others can see, touch and experience it. If we stop using the words that are used to represent or convey these abstract concepts (love, hate) we won’t be able to talk about them. This tattoo helps a person in exhibiting his innermost feelings as clearly as possible.
The Japanese overcame the problem of explaining the urge of perseverance in attainment of the goal or the undying commitment to success, irrespective of the difficulties in its path, by choosing the Koi as a symbol to represent it. A Koi fish tattoo is a mode of representing this impulse graphically, in Japanese tattoo art. The fish is famous for its swim against the current of the stream. In adverse conditions, the rest of the fish swim with the current. But not the daredevil Koi! It swims against the current as if gaining upstream in the face of adversity.
Koi don’t give up even when a waterfall threatens to block its upstream journey. It swims through the obstacle by jumping across the waterfalls and rapids. For this reason, their vitality and vigor has been a source of inspiration for countless generations. Koi tattoos are used to show the strength of character and masculinity. Do you see in their inclination of taking the difficulties in their strides and of trying to achieve what is being denied to them, something similar to your own character. Well, you have found the right kind of tattoo for you.
Koi is so associated with the masculine and positive qualities in Japanese psyche that they made it into the mascot for the annual Boys’ Day Festival. Japanese, even today, celebrate this day by displaying traditional colorful, streaming Koi flags that are made to resemble the fish or printed on with its image for each son in the family. The number of flags decorating a house shows its strength and ability to ward off its enemies.
It is believed that the Koi has its origin in one of the Chinese legend, “The dragon gate”. According to the legend, a Koi, after topping a waterfall turns into a dragon. For the Chinese, a dragon signifies benevolence, good-will and intelligence. Some individuals use Chinese dragon tattoos because like Koi, it also expresses strength.
For the Chinese, Koi depicts luck. The direction, in which the Koi is depicted as swimming in a tattoo, can alter the meaning. The struggle and hardship to be endured are expressed by the Koi swimming downwards. If the fish is tattooed as if swimming upward, its meaning can be interpreted as, everything is all right and mastered.
Luck, invisible and intangible, like the international dateline which divides the yesterday and today for the man, divides the failure and success for him. Girls prefer using this tattoo in combination with the lotus flower tattoos.
For many people, especially the young all over the globe, tattooing is a way of proclaiming what they think about themselves. It is also a rebellious way of making a statement about oneself. There are thousands of designs waiting for you on the Internet, if you want to go through them.

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