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Duck Tattoos

Are you in search of some unique tattoo designs? Bird designs are in vogue today, especially ducks. There are loads of these designs available and each one has a different meaning. So, one needs to be careful that the design displays the intent clearly and accurately.
In the olden days, tattoos were based on designs basically inspired from the forces of nature or images that had any mythological or religious meaning. Though the ideas were limited, the designs were unique and meaningful. Most of the bird designs are done for their meaning rather than for their size or beauty.
Rubber Duck Designs
It might be very surprising for many to know that rubber duck tattoos are very popular! Talking about these designs, one might only come up with the classic yellow duck with a red beak. However, there are loads of designs available in amazing variations. The color of the duck is kept the same, i.e., yellow with a red beak, however it is shown with different costumes and characteristics! For example, to show an evil duck, two red horns and a wicked smile is depicted! The meaning is very clear, the design symbolizes danger. On the other hand, some get a mother duck inked along with her three ducklings. This is used to symbolize care and kindness. Girlish ducks with a pink bow, prince duck with a crown, wise duck with glares and eyebrows raised, etc., are some unique designs. You can get any kind, as most of the designs are personalized.
Cartoon Ducks
There must be hardly anyone who didn’t like the Donald Duck family! This love has inspired many to get cartoon duck tattoos, especially one of Donald Duck. The designs are generally based on the members of the family, viz., Daffy, Huey, Dewie, and Louie. Get a design which matches your personality the best. Like, if you are three brothers, you can get the Huey, Dewey, and Louie done! If you don’t like the goody good ducks, you could get a tattoo of the ill-tempered Howard! Girls can get Daffy Duck. They can even decorate Daffy with lush eyelashes, cute pink dresses, and bows! It is not necessary to use the same colors as the cartoons, you can make them colorful and smart, funny, evil, or wise!
Factual Designs
Apart from the cartoons and rubber ducks, the real ones can also be made into a design. Ducks are considered as the symbol of honesty and simplicity as per the Celtic art. They are also regarded to stand for resourcefulness, adaptivity, and beauty. There are number of species, so you need to research a bit before deciding which duck you would like to convert into a tattoo. The most common species is however the Mallard. Mallards are quite different from other species, mainly because of their color combination. Mallards are brown with orange claws or beak and a shade of purple in the wings! The most unique part however is their distinct green head and all these colors are seen only in case of males. The females are just light brown in color.
Whichever tattoo you get, do take proper care as ignorance can lead to infection. So, now that you know the meanings and designs available in duck tattoos, you can get yourself one soon!
Flying wild duck design Tattoo
Cartoon Ducks Tattoo
Duck design tattoo

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