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Does WreckingBalm Tattoo Fade System Really Work?

The manufacturers of WreckingBalm claim that their product helps in fading the appearance of tattoos, but does that mean complete elimination of unwanted tattoos? The following ThoughtfulTattoos article throws some light on this tattoo removal kit.
Did You Know?
Tattoo artists opine that laser therapy is the only method of eliminating tattoos completely.

WreckingBalm Tattoo Fade System is strongly advertised as an easy home remedy to ‘wipe off’ unwanted tattoos. Its manufacturers claim it to be a better alternative to laser removal, which is far more expensive and painful. When used in the right way, the product is said to be effective in fading old tattoos, and restoring the appearance of the skin.

According to the makers of WreckingBalm, the product, which has to be used for 6 months, thrice a week, is formulated to erase the superficial layers of the skin that contain the ink pigments. However, the question that arises is, ‘does the product really work, or is it just a gimmick? Let’s find out.

Negative Feedback

The response has been mixed as far as the efficacy of WreckingBalm Tattoo Fade System is concerned. Although there is no such trend towards more negative opinions, quite a few users are not satisfied with the product, and consider it as a waste of money. Also, there are complaints of skin irritation and stinging sensation when using the product. Although the pain is not Tarantino-esque, using the WreckingBalm for fading the tattoos is certainly not a pain-free experience. The manufacturer claims that it is extremely effective, but negative reviews of the product testify it to be minimally effective.

Some who have used the product for a full period of 6 months have found it of little help in fading the tattoos. Also, among the negative opinions, there are those who found this product overpriced, and one that does not meet the expectations. Dissatisfied users feel that WreckingBalm would be effective at fading homemade tattoos, rather than those inked by professional artists. Also, fading very dark tattoos may not be possible with WreckingBalm Tattoo Fade System.

Dermatologists are also of the opinion that scraping the top layers of the skin will be of little help as the tattoo pigment lies embedded deep in the skin. Professional-grade tattoos are especially deep seated, hence the WreckingBalm kit that works superficially may not be effective in fading the tattoos.

Positive Feedback

On the positive side, the WreckingBalm Tattoo Fade System has also received some appreciable feedback from customers who consider it beneficial and worth the money. Positive testimonials assert that the product does its job effectively. When it is used as directed, users have observed that the tattoos almost fade away. In the feedback, users assert that the product does not provide immediate results, and one should be patient enough to notice improvements in tattoo disappearance. Although the product may not be good at complete removal, customers did find the product useful in considerably reducing the visibility of the tattoo.

Looking at the positive and negative feedback about the WreckingBalm kit, one may wonder whether to go ahead and buy the product, or simply don’t bother about purchasing it. Considering the varied customer feedback, it is difficult to arrive at a definite conclusion, one thing is clear that individual results will differ depending upon the type of skin pigmentation, the size, color, and quality of the tattoo.

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