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Celtic Armband Tattoos

Armband tattoos have become very popular, with more and more tattoo lovers opting for them. Among the various designs available, Celtic tattoos have their own set of followers. Let’s see what makes them so popular.
Celtic tattoos have been popular for a very long time. It is the graceful and timeless beauty of these designs which make them a favorite with tattoo aficionados. Celts were people of Indo-European origin, who inhabited the western and northern parts of Europe. The most common Celtic tattoo designs are knots, crosses, spirals, and a combination of these designs. Often, these designs are used to make armband or sleeve tattoos. Each of these tattoos have different meanings attached to them. The popularity of armband tattoos can be attributed to the fact that they make for very discreet designs. At the same time, they are incredibly versatile in terms of the different designs. Normally, people start off with making a small and simple design.
Celtic Tattoos and their Meanings
Celtic culture is synonymous with Northern Europe, found majorly in Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and some parts of France. There is a legend about Celtic cross tattoos. It is said that it was designed by Saint Patrick, who was trying to convert the Pagan people to Christianity. It is a combination of the Christian cross and the sun that was worshiped by the Druids. There is also the no-fascist meaning attached to these designs. For the Christians, the circle in the Celtic cross stands for eternity, and the cross is a representation of the infinity of God’s love. On the other hand, for the Pagans, it stands for the sun, whereas, in the ancient world of Druids, it was seen as a phallic symbol.
Celtic knot tattoos are very popular, and symbolize eternity, as the lines in the knotwork form an endless loop which has no beginning or end. To the Christians, the knot stands for the Holy Trinity, of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. On the other hand, for the Pagans, it symbolizes Mother, Crone, and Maiden. However, in the new age, it is also seen as the mind, body, and the spirit.
The Celtic shamrock is said to be the best design to represent Ireland. For the Irish Catholic Church, the shamrock is a symbol for the Holy Trinity. There is a possibility that the shamrock is confused with the four-leaved clover. Each leaf of the shamrock has a different meaning attached to it. The first leaf represents hope, the second stands for faith, the third for love, and the last one for luck.
Celtic warrior armband tattoos also have become popular in recent years. These tattoos symbolize strength, courage, loyalty, pride, the warrior’s code, etc. They are also known as Viking tattoos, but there is very little information which was left behind about the Vikings.
The most common feature of Celtic designs are the intricate angled lines. They have become so common and popular, that numerous tattoo fans consider them to be cliché. Along with the angled lines are the knots. These knots, combined with angled lines, create a well-balanced and appealing design. The knots make for a wonderful designs, more so if you want to sport a small tattoo.
Along with the angled lines and knots, are the spirals and interlacing lines, which are used to make armband tattoos. Also, geometric shapes of Celtic origin are used. These geometric shapes look good from any angle. This style often depicts Celtic heritage. It can also be done as a mark of admiration of the art and culture.
The shamrock certainly is the quintessential Celtic design, which can be made on any part of the body, let alone the armband. When you get a shamrock tattoo, it is important to make note of the leaves. A shamrock has three leaves.
You can also opt for the Celtic warrior band tattoos. This is a real small and neat design, which can be easily concealed with the sleeves. But you will have to conduct extensive research to get the right design of your choice. A number of men and women opt for Celtic cross tattoos for various reasons. There are numerous designs of the Celtic cross from which you can choose the appropriate tattoo for yourself.
Using a combination of designs to make a Celtic armband tattoo is also a great idea. Whenever you decide to get a tattoo done, it is recommended to get one which represents the ideology you stand by. This will make sure you continue to like the tattoo for the rest of you life.
Vector of clover leaf
Ribal Tattoo Arm Band
Design Element for St. Patrick's Day
Celtic ornaments with animals
Medieval Celtic pattern
Black clover
Ornate Celtic cross (Knotted cross variation)
Celtic Cross
Black and red celtic tattoo
Celtic tattoo design
Celtic leaf tattoo design
Circular decorative celtic
Infinity knot celtic on white
Celtic knot design
Celtic knot illustration
Vector celtic tattoo design
Trinity celtic knot tattoo
Man with armband tattoo
Set of two green leaves
Cross tattoo illustration
Celtic trinity knot set

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