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Cat Tattoo Designs

Cats will always be a subject of scary tales and myths. Whether you love them or hate them, you cannot deny their presence in our day-to-day lives. Same goes for cat tattoo designs.
It has always been said thacats have nine lives, so they have always been a symbolic representation of spirituality and reincarnation. Cat tattoos tend to express these feelings. They are a symbol of independence and sensuality. Cats have been a favorite pet of royal families and Egyptian gods and goddesses. They were first identified in Egyptian history in 3000 B.C. as favorite pets of the Egyptian goddesses. For centuries, it has been a symbol of motherhood, fertility, and immortality. These are a few reasons behind the popularity of cat tattoos.
Black Cat Tattoos
Black cats are very popular as tattoos because of the mysterious stories surrounding them. A black cat tattoo looks stylish and feminine. The most popular black cat tattoo is in the cartoon form in which it has a thin neck, holding a long stem rose in its mouth and a long tail. Black cats were also associated with black magic and witches in the dark ages. The black cat tattoo design symbolizes belief in independence from a male dominated society, feminism, and grace. There is also a strong element of erotic and sensual feelings in a black cat tattoo. One more form is the cat in a walking position on your back. Sylvester the cat is also a popular tattoo design. The black cat is best suited if you have a mark or a scar. It covers the mark very stylishly.
Big Cat Tattoos
Big cat tattoos is not merely a trend, it’s an expression of one’s self. People like military men, wrestlers, and firemen are often spotted with a cat tattoo. Big cats such as lions, tigers, puma, and jaguars represent courage and fearlessness. They are a unique combination of beauty and strength. Let’s see some popular cat tattoos.
Puma Tattoo
The puma has the same meaning as of the tiger or the lion. It represents courage and power. It also means being very observant. People who have a puma tattoo are often considered spiritual in nature. It is also said that the puma tattoo carries some protective energies with itself. It symbolizes fierceness and aggression.
Tiger Tattoo
The tiger tattoo symbolizes power, pride, sensuality, passion, and violence. These tattoos are often used to bring luck and to keep away evil spirits. Ideally the tiger tattoo should be drawn on the back of an individual because it requires a larger image. The most common form of tiger tattoo is its face on the arm. It is mainly preferred by men.
Lion Tattoo
A lion tattoo has been a symbol of influence in many countries. It is a symbol of royalty as the animal is considered the King of the jungle. The symbol stands for ultimate power. Normally a face or a lion’s paw is famous as the lion tattoo. If you want the entire lion on your body, the back is the ideal place for it.
Celtic Cat Tattoos
The mystery surrounding the cats has been passed by the Egyptians to the Romans and then to the whole world. They became the symbol of mysterious circumstances and death. The Celtic has always been a symbol of things that were undefined to mankind. The Celtic cat tattoos have been a symbol of the guardians of the other world. These tattoos symbolize uniqueness, cleverness, and secretiveness. If you are the person who is a genius and believes in thinking out of the box, celtic cat tattoos are for you.
Free Cat Tattoos
Free cat tattoos depicts independence. Freedom from a male dominated society, freedom of living life on one’s own terms. Generally wanderers and hippies opt for these tattoos. Free cat tattoo is not much popular but it is slowly building up its fan base.
Tribal Cat Tattoos
The tribal cat tattoo is a vintage style of tattoo. It was very popular in Asia as many monks and martial artists had it on their back, so that they would never forget their old values. It became popular in the west in the early 90s. The tribal cat tattoo symbolizes old values in life. So if you are still an old school follower, this is the tattoo for you. The geometric shapes of tribal cat tattoo works well on tiger tattoos. The walking style of the tiger is generally highlighted in the tribal cat tattoo design. Angelina Jolie has got herself a 12 inch long Bengal tiger on her lower back stylized in tribal style. It was done in Bangkok and it took 2 hours to complete.
Hopefully, by now you must have decided which cat tattoo suits you the best. Remember that a tattoo should symbolize your personality. Don’t get a tattoo just because your friend has got one. Think for a minute and decide which tattoo suits you the best. Always ask for advice from tattoo artists, discuss with them, and then go for it.
Black panther
Tiger head
Cat tribal tattoo design
Tiger tattoo

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