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Butterfly Tattoos on the Shoulder

Having butterfly tattoos on your shoulder does mean much more than just having a tattoo because a butterfly symbolizes different aspects of life. So if you too wish to express your attitude in a unique manner then read this article further as it shares some insights on the same.
Tattoos have become common and butterfly tattoos even more, but then what is it that makes people, especially women, still desire one constantly. It is probably the only fashion wear that women don’t mind having donned by other women. The reason for this generous and considerate behavior lies in the fact that butterflies are versatile and dynamic. There is a wide range of unique and beautiful butterfly designs which makes it possible for every woman to have a distinguished butterfly tattoo that suits her persona well. In fact, there is a butterfly tattoo for every emotion, attitude, and expression that women wish to adorn.
Butterfly Tattoo Meaning
Every tattoo is not just a design, especially a butterfly, as there are various meanings associated with it in different cultures. And why not, when there is so much mystery, flamboyance, grace, and life a butterfly is surrounded with. It is the very life or rather a life cycle of a butterfly that makes it so special and unique. It, no doubt, symbolizes transformation and change throughout its life; from a lazy caterpillar to a cocoon and then finally a free beautiful life! Though the life span of a butterfly is short it spreads pure joy and happiness around, which many cultures find very spiritual and gives the message that life is to spread love and joy. It also signifies that one must live life to the fullest no matter how long or short it is. As found in the Greek culture, a butterfly signifies the journey of a soul from earth to the heavens. In Japanese culture, one butterfly signifies young womanhood whereas two symbolize marital bliss. And in Christianity, a butterfly stands for the soul which is not confined to the dominance of flesh. So butterfly tattoos have some deep meanings attached to it.
Designs for Butterfly Tattoos on the Shoulder
Well, butterfly tattoos are meant for and are worn exclusively by girls because of the very nature of butterflies. They are colorful, delicate, and beautiful just like how women in their true sense are. According to tattoo artists, butterfly tattoos look great on curvaceous parts of the body as the body curve adds to the liveliness of the tattoo giving it life. And what can be a better place than your shoulder. Well we always liked having a fragile flitting butterfly on our shoulders when we were kids. So if you are a woman who wishes to rekindle this magic once again then get ready to sport one of the prettiest butterfly tattoos on your shoulder.
But there are many things that you need to pay attention to before getting a butterfly tattoo. First of all you have to decide the location where you want the tattoo; it could be edge of the shoulder, center of the shoulder, or shoulder area closer to the nape, etc. Once you decide the location you also need to choose the design of the butterfly. Depending on your choice you can go for one big butterfly or two more butterflies. Apart from this, you also have to decide the color and effect of the butterfly tattoo. For example, for a raw look, a single color or black plain butterfly stencil design is preferable but if you need a more lively tattoo then you must go for colorful and fleeting butterflies which are sure to look pretty on your shoulder. Apart from this you can add some leaves, flowers, or tribal lines along with butterflies to get a complete look. Adding some of the abstract spiral lines and designs with basic butterfly design can also help you get unique butterfly tattoos on the shoulder.
Basically, there many themes, colors, and designs that you can experiment with butterfly tattoos on the shoulder. So go ahead and flaunt the butterfly tattoo on your shoulder by wearing a tank top or an off shoulder dress. I am sure you will win loads of compliments!
Butterfly,Dark and Girl
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