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Butterfly Tattoos on Hip

The tattoos on your body enhance your personality and reflect who you are! A butterfly tattoo inked on hip is one of the most artistic ways of showing your sensuality. If you are planning to get one, this ThoughtfulTattoos article will give you some essential information.
When deciding to get a tattoo done, the placement and the design are very important aspects to be taken into consideration. Speaking of butterfly tattoos on hip, this is a very popular choice among girls who wish to get themselves inked. Hip tattoos represent sensuality and curiosity, and choosing a butterfly design, makes it an amazing combination in itself! Do you know what a butterfly tattoo means? As graceful as it looks, it also symbolizes beauty, grace, and freedom. Also, because butterflies transform themselves so beautifully from being a caterpillar on the ground to a beautiful independent creature, inking them also symbolizes a positive transformation in your life.
Butterfly Designs for an Awesome Hip Tattoo
All butterflies differ from each other, that’s their uniqueness! Similarly, you have a wide variety of designs and patterns that you can go for. Listed below are some types of tattoos you can consider.
Tribal Designs
Tribal butterfly tattoos
A tribal design represents your connection with mother nature. You are placing it on the hip, which is one of the private areas of the body, and is covered most of the time for conservative reasons. So, this choice of tattoo also represents that you are still connected to mother nature deep within, if not visibly.
Small Designs
Small butterfly tattoos collage
A small butterfly tattoo inked on hip looks very sexy. It looks even better when 2 or 3 small butterflies in different positions are inked together. Many girls decide the number of small butterflies depending on the people they wish to represent. For example, one of my friends inked 3 butterflies on her hips, representing herself and her two best friends.
Celtic Designs
Celtic butterfly tattoos
The incredible and artistic knot work of Celtic designs and their bold patterns, make this tattoo stand out, along with your personality. In fact, this design can give this “feminine” choice, a creative masculine appeal.
Colored Tattoos
Colored butterfly tattoos collage
Color is the unique and defining feature of a butterfly! You can customize your tattoo by choosing the colors that define your personality and suit your skin tone. Color schemes can make the design look so outstanding, that all eyes can get glued to it, whenever it is revealed! You can go for multicolored or dual-colored designs as well―they look fab!
Black and White Tattoos
Black and white butterfly tattoos
This is yet again a classy appeal to the design. It represents your personality if you are the one who has seen the extreme sides of life, both negative and positive, adapted to it, and then formed an all new persona out of the experience. If you don’t wanna go that deep, black and white is anyway, a classy combination. Make sure it suits your skin tone and that the visibility is clear enough to bring out the details.
Most of the girls choose to ink butterfly tattoos on hips, not only to reveal their independent sensuality but also because the hip area is seen only when intended to show. Normally it’s covered, but when it’s time to go to the beach or wear low-waist outfits, it keeps people wondering and curious to know more.

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