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Bull Tattoos

Raging bull or bull head tattoos are the most popular masculine tattoo designs today. Here is more information on it.
Tattoos making is quite an ancient art which dates back to several early centuries. There are carious historical as well as cultural references that prove this statement. However, it has regained it popularity back in this century in the form of a popular art. Tattoo making was considered as a part of hippie culture in the early century; however, today, it is very common in people all over the world. Tattoos are equally popular among celebrities, teenagers as well as middle-aged people. If you have decided to have a tattoo made on your body, you will be surprised to find the numerous tattoo designs available today. Tattoos designs of different symbols, shapes, patterns and figures are available which makes choosing a single tattoo very difficult. However, if you are looking for a truly masculine tattoo, then the bull tattoo is just for you. Take a look at its significance and design ideas.
Tattoo Meaning
The bull is associated with several symbolism and meanings, which makes it one of the most popular tattoo designs today. The most prominent meaning of the bull tattoo is strength and vitality. We all are aware that the bull is an epitome of power, aggression and force and hence, people who believe that they too share the similar qualities, sport bull tattoos. Interestingly, the bull is symbolized as both, positive as well as a negative figure in different cultures. For e.g., in certain cultures, it symbolizes force of nature, a guardian like figure, etc.; while on the other hand, it stands for death or is even considered as a bad omen. However, in most parts of the world, the bull is looked upon as a sign of strength.
On the other hand, the bull is a symbol of the zodiac sign Taurus. Hence, people belong to the sun sign Taurus, i.e., individuals born in between 20th April to 21st May, sport these tattoos. Similar to the bull, Taurus individuals are marked by their characteristic stubbornness. They are also loving, peaceful individuals who tend to be dominating at times. Although these tattoos are considered as purely masculine ones; a Taurus tattoo can be sported by men and women alike. The Brahma bull tattoo which is sported by a wrestler cum actor Dwayne Johnson, better known as ‘the Rock’ has gained a lot of popularity and is one of the most sought after tattoo designs these days.
Tattoo Designs
An angry or raging bull digging the ground is the most common design. Peaceful and calm bull, the bull running towards something, charging bull, etc. are the other bull tattoo designs. On the other hand, most people rather hand only the head of the bull inscribed on their bodies rather than the entire body. Tribal or Celtic bull tattoos are also equally popular. This tattoo can be made on upper arms, shoulders or the back as this tattoo needs a lot of space. Also, if you are a first timer or otherwise, you should remember that tattoo making and tattoo removal, both can be painful. Therefore, you should put a lot of thought before going for a permanent tattoo.
Bull tattoos are one of the unique tattoo designs found today. Therefore, if you think that you have qualities similar to that represented by the bull, you can safely have this tattoo inscribed on the body and enjoy it for a lifetime. Good luck!
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Angry bull running
Bull head tattoo

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