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Arm Sleeve Tattoos

Are you looking for an arm sleeves tattoos for yourself? Read on this article to know more about arm sleeves tattoos, their ideas and designs.
Tattoos have become a new way to decorate the body. Earlier, other means like flowers and dresses were used, but now tattoos have replaced them. Tattoos can be made at different places on the body like shoulders, back, waist, arms, legs, ankles, hips and calves. A tattoo that covers a part of your arm and can be covered by sleeve’s of your shirt are called arm sleeve tattoos. Arm sleeve tattoo style is one of the most popular tattoos. Sleeve tattoos are so well designed and elaborated that it can be called an extension of apparel sleeves.
These tattoos can be of three types: full sleeves, quarter sleeves, and half sleeves. Full sleeve tattoos cover the complete hand, starting right from the shoulder blades and extends till the wrist. Quarter sleeve tattoos cover a part of the arm from shoulders to the bicep. Half sleeve tattoos can be made in two ways, either from the elbow to the wrist or from the shoulder blades to the elbow.
There are two ways of getting these tattoos. First, starting with a single tattoo and later on extending the design depending upon the addiction of this art and pain. Second, can be getting an arm sleeve tattoo made on the complete arm in one go. Before making a tattoo, it is a must to either select or create your own design. The arm sleeve tattoo designs should not only look attractive, but also should have some meaning related to your personality.
Some arm sleeve tattoo ideas for tattoo lovers are tribal tattoos, Celtic tattoos and theme tattoos. The combination of the size and color should be perfect to make it more attractive and appealing. You can have an arm sleeve tattoo made in classic black color or fill it with different colors. Here are some arm sleeve tattoo ideas for men, guys, women and girls.
Tattoos for Guys
The arm tattoos for guys are the most popular one. It is available in different shapes and sizes. The reason is, the tattoos made on arms can be easily displayed and hidden when required or wished. Various ideas for sleeve tattoos for men are zodiac, traditional, cultural symbols, tribal, Chinese symbols, Aztec tattoos, and many more. Select the tattoos which would best describe your personality.
Tattoos for Women
Females have been greatly fascinated by the designs of sleeve tattoos for women. Often the designs and ideas of sleeve tattoos for women are very unusual, complicated and colorful. Earlier the tattoos were popular among the rock bands only, but now young girls and women are also boasting sleeve tattoos. Some of the popular female tattoo ideas for sleeves are floral tattoo designs, Japanese tattoos, religious tattoos, angel tattoos, and Celtic tattoos.
Tattoos for Girls
Tattoos are in fashion among the youth, especially young college girls. These tattoos can be flashed when you wish and also easily hidden out. These tattoos give ample opportunity to include many images and create a story out of it. There are many designs like nautical star tattoos, Koi fish, tribal, and shooting star tattoos. There are many more ideas of arm sleeve tattoos available on the Internet. Girls can also go for images that are very special for them and carries some meaning.
There are many arm sleeve tattoo ideas and designs available on the internet. You can consult your tattooist for latest and ‘in fashion’ designs or brainstorm to come up with your own creative images. But be sure that you take proper tattoo care so that you can swank your tattoo whenever and wherever you like.
Celtic redhead beauty
Beautiful tattooed woman smiles while using mobile phone
Symbolic Tattoo
Tan skin arm with tattooed showing tow fingers, isolated

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