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2018 Tribal Mayan Tattoos for Men

mayan tribal tattoos for men

The Mayan tribes no longer exist but their culture lives and fortunately we have so many chances to admire them. Mayan tattoo was the part of tribe’s culture. It wasn’t just a chaotic pattern; every single detail in Mayan tattoo had its meaning and destination. To understand the culture and traditions of ancient civilization you should definitely learn the history of Mayan tattoos and maybe you will decide to get similar one.

mayan tribal tattoo on back

Unlike other tribes Mayans were quite advanced for that era and even today they are some questions that scientists can’t get answers. One of the secrets of Mayan tribes was the calendar that was used for predictions.

Body inking and piercing were the part of their culture. Tattooing was made with a traditional stick and the process was very painful. Tribal Mayan tattoo depicted glyphs, symbols of animals and gods, symbol of fire, earth, water and air and the symbol of their god Kukulkan. A single tattoo could tell a whole myth about gods. Body inking carried not only social meaning but also was meant to protect them from evil forces and scare enemies.

The most popular Mayan tattoo is calendar tattoo in a form of circle with symbols pictured around. Mayan calendar was the most popular theme of the past 5 years due to their prediction of the end of the world. Fortunately we have survived and today we can admire their civilization though tattoos.

Tribal tattoos are more suitable for men. Mayan tattoo is massive covering large part of body like the whole back, chest and shoulder. Traditional Mayan tatto symbols are inked in black. More complicated styles have shading.

mayan tribal tattoos for men

mayan tribal tattoos for men

2018 Tribal Mayan Tattoos for Men

mayan tattoos for men

mayan tribal tattoos

amazing mayan tribal tattoos for men

2018 Tribal Mayan Tattoo

mayan tribal tattoo on hand

mayan tribal sun tattoos for men

meaningful mayan tribal tattoos for men

mayan tribal tattoo on shoulder

tribal mayan tattoos for men

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